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Oklahoma City Orthopaedic Office

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Orthopaedic care in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City orthopaedic office
Oklahoma City orthopaedic office

If you are having pain in your shoulder or elbow, you will do very well to come to see us at our orthopaedic practice, Oklahoma Shoulder Center. Our orthopedic doctor, Dr. Betsy Nolan, specializes in orthopedic services relating to the shoulder and elbow. In fact, at our orthopedic practice, we are dedicated to providing patients with the very finest orthopedic shoulder and elbow care. When you visit our Oklahoma City orthopaedic office, you will be sure that you came to the right place for diagnosis and individualize treatment of your elbow or shoulder problem.

At our Oklahoma City orthopaedic office, we use state-of-the-art technology to provide excellent diagnosis and treatment. We also are able to perform arthroscopic procedures. Among the many services that we commonly perform are: total shoulder replacement; reverse shoulder replacement; rotator cuff repair; shoulder stabilization; tendon transfer; treatment of sports injuries; elbow surgery; and dislocation treatment.

When you come to see our orthopaedic doctor, she will spend a lot of time talking to you as well as diagnosing your particular shoulder or elbow problem. At our practice, we want to make sure that you make wise decisions about the healthcare you choose. At our Oklahoma City orthopaedic office, we make sure that you are thoroughly educated about all of the different treatment options that you have. We will also make sure that we understand the treatment goals that you have for yourself. Once we have a thorough assessment of your individual situation and orthopedic problem, and your treatment goals, we will be able to make recommendations that will help you to make your most educated healthcare decisions. We understand that everyone’s orthopedic situation is different as well as their overall health situation. Two people with the same condition may choose to undergo different treatment options for totally different reasons. We understand and respect these differences among our patients, and will work with each patient to help him or her get the best care that they need. Many times there are pain medicines and therapies which will help a patient recover from pain. Physical therapy may also be an important treatment option in some cases. For an appointment to see our expert and highly trained orthopedic surgeon, contact us today.

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